I've worked with Jeffrey for almost 20 years, on projects ranging from a traditional Main Line home to our rustic lake house, a contemporary condominium in Chicago and now our South Carolina low country cottage.  He is the consummate professional, always putting the customer first and scrupulously attending to every detail.

Together, we've shopped the best merchants at the Marketplace (where Jeffrey always receives a warm welcome due to his long professional relationships), picked through tag sales and auctions, browsed furniture retailers and spent hours rolling up our sleeves and moving furniture, rugs and art from room to room.

Jeffrey's true genius is the alchemy he is able to create by imbuing his client's vision with his own signature elegance and flair.  The results are rooms that are both inviting and sophisticated; chick and timeless.

Meg Johnson


Jeffrey has helped us decorate many rooms in our home, each with a delightful result. He quickly understood our tastes and sourced finishes, furniture and accessories that suited us perfectly.  He also was able to arrange our existing furnishings and accessories to bring a more refined style to our house.  While a common theme theme runs throughout the house, Jeffrey made each room unique and comfortable.

Joseph Grasso & Rosalie Hunter


My mother and I would be delighted to recommend Jeffrey as a decorator with true flair tempered by excellent taste. He certainly managed to interpret and execute my mother's ideas, guiding and inspiring her whenever she had moments of uncertainty.

Valentine Walsh (Client: Patricia Walsh)


Over the past twenty year, I have had the pleasure to work with Jeffrey on several projects.  These included my home on Rittenhouse Square and Miami Beach.  He created the atmosphere in both homes, that although different, provided the same welcoming environment that I and those that visited me enjoyed.  He has a knack of creating and using materials, color and furnishings that are welcoming and enveloping.  I always feel at ease when I returned to either home and so did my guests.  His choice of materials were sublime and his design skills, whether they be architectural or furnishings are without equal.  I was always pleased with his execution and his selection of contractors. The quality of the work performed needed no work-overs and his constant supervision of installations were without equal.  I am truly grateful for the quality and comfort that he supplied in my life.

Dr. Roy L. Gorin


Jeffrey has helped me with various design projects - all with his great sense of design, his attention to what I am looking for, and his focus on detail. Whether it is rugs, curtains, hanging pictures, selecting wall paper, I have been completely satisfied with all of "our" choices and they have endured because they are great looking and of a quality that withstands the test of time and use.

Betsy Longstreth


I had the pleasure of making Jeffrey's acquaintance about 15 years ago through Andalusia.  And over those 15 years I became very familiar with Jeffrey, not only on a professional level, but on a personal level as well.

Jeffrey has done multiple projects at Andalusia in the museum house, affectionately known as "The Big House" - a registered National Historic Landmark, and for the Biddle family's private home, "The Cottage."

Jeffrey, always the ultimate professional, has a quiet and serene way about him, which I feel spills over into his design, allowing that space to become a peaceful refuge for his client - no matter how large or small a project!!

Lori Hogan, Assistant Director, Andalusia


Jeffrey . . . always more than I expect. -Laurada B. Byers


In terms of testimony, I can say that I was fortunate to meet Jeffrey over a decade ago and just in time for him to assist me with architectural and decorating needs over the years.  Jeffrey understands my taste and style like no one else.  He can always find the perfect fabrics, and window treatments, design architectural details, choose paint colors and wall coverings perfect for my house - all beyond my expectations.  He also designed my favorite garden structiure: a Chinese Chippendale Tea House, the centerpiece of my garden, that would make even Thomas Chippendale envious!

Elizabeth Schmitt


Jeffrey and I worked on the interior decoration of the 15 guest suites at Alumnae House.  What I especially admire is that he managed to create unique themes for each space yet maintain a consistent signature style.  Jeffrey was able to bring us up-to date and also maintain a respect for the history of the building and its collections.  Jeffrey is a pleasure to work with; he personally measured the spaces and oversaw the installation of the hardware and draperies in the rooms.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Jeffrey as we plan to redecorate the public spaces at Alumnae House.

Martha Barry, Alumnae House Manager, The Inn at Vassar College

Jeffrey has talent.  He can look at a room and suggest moving something from one wall to another and it makes all the difference! He is unstintingly generous with his advice, contacts, time and patience.  From the smallest request for ideas to the lengthy quest for the perfect wallpaper, Jeffrey is the best.

Tobey & Mark Dichter


Your new website is highly professional and well organized with dynamite room shots of your many projects. As a friend and also as a client, I think I can say that the site reflects the Jeffrey I know and admire, a very important thing as your work is a reflection of who you are and of your knowledge, taste and refinement.  Your impressive exploration of the garden as another important aspect of design adds strength to strength.  Walter and I would be happy to testify to your dedication, talent and integrity.  Yours,

John Hancock, Showroom Manager, The Marketplace Design Center


Jeffrey has been an invaluable help in creating the right atmosphere in two of our houses.  He is master in locating the right fabrics, and the right color combinations.  He is also a joy to work with.

Marie-Jeanne Dilks

Jeffrey's aesthetic sensibility makes each of his design projects unique and elegant.  A true professional, he provides outstanding service from start to finish.  It is always a pleasure to work with Jeffrey and I highly recommend him for any project, large or small.

Alex Beitz


Jeffrey has a gift which is the visual equivalent of "perfect pitch."  With the greatest of ease, Jeffrey can transform any space into a haven which I never want to leave.  He has a knack for balancing an elegant and artistic approach with practical tips for efficient, comfortable living which make any environment he creats a relaxed, yet sublime, experience.

Jeffrey's taste is unmatched and his style is easy and professional: always restrained, always elegant, always divine.  He has undoubtedly contributed more to the beauty and quality of my life than I could have possibly imagined, and I am so grateful that he shares his enormous talent with me.  I am his biggest fan.

Patricia J. Owens


I always loved visiting Jeffrey's store in Chestnut Hill when I came back home to visit.  He did work at my parent's house in Philadelphia; I liked it so much I asked him to help with my house in New Jersey.  You'd think that would be hard given interior design is so visual but everything he has done for me has been fantastic!

Hadley Peterson