I am a designer by nature and my training has complemented this disposition. Design is present in all of my daily activities and interests, which include music, art, architecture, gardening, housekeeping and cooking.  All of these disciplines, in addition to my professional studies, contribute to my design sensibility and practicality.  (Click on Education)

Since I work from my home, affectionately called "The Villa," the creative mind is never at rest.  The house and garden are living examples of my design process.  With extensive renovations to the interior and exterior, I have included many of the finishes and techniques that I use for clients. (Click on Portfolio)

The garden is comprised of several small "moments" that pay homage to favorite places I have visited and that have influenced my work. (Click on My Garden)

Everyone's personal history is formative; mine has focused on aesthetics and creativity.  To understand my client's history, their needs and the existing architectural conditions is to form a collaboration that is uniquely challenging and rewarding. The results are one-of-a kind spaces that express, in practical and sometimes unexpected ways, who they are.  (Click on Inspirations)

Jeffrey Dean Soulges